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against president obama. >> chris: with 37 days until the election, we go on the campaign trail, with paul ryan. >> this is a high stakes election, we are giving the country a clear choice. >> chris: and sit down for an exclusive interview in which we discuss the economy, the new focus on national security. and, growing criticism of the romney campaign. paul ryan, only on fox news sunday. then... we'll preview wednesday's first obama-romney debate. we'll ask our sunday panel which each candidate needs to do to win the first first off. and our power player of the week, has spent almost half of his life, telling the inside story of how a president rose and fell from power. all, right now, on fox news. ♪ >> chris: and hello again, from fox news in washington. with just five weeks until election day, a new poll showing president obama leading in key swing states, the presidential debates may be mitt romney's last, best chance to turn the race around and we wanted to find out what the romney-ryan plan is when they face off against obama and biden. we caught up with running mate p r
in charlotte . can barak obama recapture the magic of his convention four years ago. we'll discuss the plan this week that david axelrod top strategist for the obama campaign. it is it a fox news sunday exclusive . how will the democrats defend the president's economic record. we'll ask convention expert antonio villaraigosa . we'll ask our sunday panel if they have been able to shift the dynamics in the campaign. all right now on "fox news sunday". and hello again from fox news, today in the queen city charlotte, north carolina, site of the democratic national convention. our sky box is high up in the time warner arena, home of the bob cats and starting tuesday, first two days of theonvention and happy labor day weekend everyone. the holiday used to signal the start of the campaign, both sides have hit each other hard for monthings. the democrats prepare to nominate obama for a second term. we are joined by top strategist david axelrod. >> guest: thank you, chris. >> chris: anyone in the democratic convention four years ago remembers the magic there and since of hope andendless possibiliti
foreign policy. will national security be a campaign issue? we'll sit down with obama senior advisor robert gibbs. and caught on tape mitt romney's comments of people who don't pay federal taxes thal not support him. can he find a way out of this mess. we'll ask governor scott walker. gibbs and walker only on "fox news sunday". new polls give a boost to the president. we'll ask our sunday group if the upcoming debates are romney's best chance to turn things around. a stop in a burger joint and kids on a campaign flight. we'll go on the trail on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. with anti-american violence across the islamic world and growing questions about what really happened in the u.s. consulate in libya, national security has finally become part of the president's campaign. joining us now is obama senior >> guest: thanks for having me. >> chris: last show, susan rice came on this program and i asked her about the attack on the american consulate in benghazi and this is what she said. >> the best information we have federal is that it was not a p
, criticizing president george w. bush for his handling of the national debt.[sot in "obama second interview."sot in :11 ""his has been fiscally the most irresponsible administration that we have seen. we have increased the national debt, almost doubled office."trt=11obama as a senator and later presidential candidate often called bush's handling of the national debt "irresponsible."[sot in 17 "it's an enormous problem. this has been fiscally the most irresponsible administration certainly in my memory."trt=:13we talked to voters about obama's past woods and his record on the national debt.[sot n bill willams]sot in 23:45:43 "nn man, no president , no one could have solved thissproblem &pin ffur years, no president, no president, because theehole was too deep."trt=:10[sot in dave ryan]sot in 23:42:43 "it's a big concern orrthe ameriian people at ssmepoint, whether its us or our children we are going to have to connront this debt so its a very big deal."trt=:08here's candidate obama agaan in 2008. [sot in obama in 08 response] sot in :08 " we now havv ooer nine trillion dollars of debt t
3 3 3 ((anim)) electton... democrats are settiig the tone for president obama this week at the national convention. convention.one of the key note speakers this year... s maryland's own governor martin o'malley.megan gilliland is to say at the convention and what's on the schedule today. good morninggguys,goovrnor o'malley took the podium last night during primeetime... emphasizing one key phrase... phrase...forward not backward backwardand he'ssbeen getting some praise for it... one delegate said he fired them up and brought some energy to the convention.especcilly when he talked aaout their republicann opponents.here's what he said... 22:27:24mit romney ann paul ryan want to take america back... back to what? back to the failed poliiies that drove us into the deep recession back to the days oo record job loses back toodaas of nsurance companies being a woman a preexsisting ccndition i don't want to go back do you? you?we're expected to heaa &pfrom a few more speakers today... including former president bill clinton.also today... the delegates will vote for he democ
advisor, glenn hubbard who a senior advisor to mitt romney and from austan goolsbee who is a obama advisor. the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1 percent because 368,000 people stopped looking for work. the percentage of americans in the labor force is 63.5 percent lowest since 1981 force participation was where it was when obama took office unemployment would be len.2 percent. why is the job's picture so different. >> a million more people are unemployed. there is structural head winds to be sure but it is a story about growth. we could do better with better policy. fed chairman bernanke argued that two million of the jobs were created as a result of the feds policy. we have weak policy in the government indeed. >> why is job creation so bleak and how can a president who says he is looking out for a middle class and work force participation is at a 30 year low. >> we'll separate two things. good month and in bad months, all economist say. you never want to take one month's report. if you look at over the last year the unemployment is down a full percentage point for people getting new jobs
are setting the tone for president obama this week at he national convention. convention.one of thh key note speakers this year... is maryllnd's own governor martin . o'malley.tom rodggrs s here with more on what he had to say at the convention plus your other top stooies of the morning. governor o'malley took the podium last night during prrme time... emphasizing one ey hr. phrase...forward not backward backwardone delegate ttere said he fired them up and brought some energy to the convention.espeeially when hh talked about their republican opponents.here's what he said... ryan want to take america aul & back... baak to what? back to the failed policies that drove us into the deep recession back to the days of record job loses back to days of insurance cmpanies being a woman a preexsisting condition i don't wann to go baak do you? you?today... the delegates will vote for the deeocratic party candidate... for president of the united states. tomorrow president obama nd vice president biden are expected to accept the nominatiins. our crew caught up with governorro'malley, right after he
.shockkng comments by mmtt camera.what he is saying tt defend his comments this morning... and president obama's response to his opponent's rrmarks. p equals m-c squared get the camera off my face faceaad... a little kid who doesnnt want to be in the spotlight.what happens next that had the reporter breaking 3 3 3 tuesday, september 18. &p 3 3 3 3 &pfirst on fox... police need evidence to solve crimes... so what if they had video of a murder as it happens? happens? fox 45 was e- mailed surveilance ideo of a murder...that shows the they need more. joel d. y - heedquarters with the reasons why, and the stats on how many murders remain unsolved in the city.good morning joel d. good morning guys.... the invetigators in heee have now seen the video we're about to show you, it's just one of the nearly 70 percent of murders that remaii unsolved this year in baltimore city. and justice reporter joy lepola. lepola.this is south baltimore a little before 11 o'clock the night of august 21st. it's ide shot... but if you look closeey you can see a man crossing the street... walking towards 1
conninues today. severalldemocrats are laying thh groundwork for president obama's second term. terr.megan gilliland is here maryland's governor is playing in that and hat's ahead for today. good morning guys,several democrats that are considered up and coming spoke last night at the convention... one of them was governor martin o'malley. and people are talking aaout it this morning... with praise. pn the governor's speech hee urged the country to make the ccoice to quote move forwardd.. not back... by re- nominatiig president barack obama.a theme he eaved in throughout the night.listen in... 22:26:15by making college more affordable president obama is moving... by securing medicare president obama is moving america forward not back... by putting forward a plan to cut waste ask those at the top to 3 pay more and reduce our deficit... forward not back. 20 22:2665022:26:50 22:26:50also last nnght... her husband's record.today... we're expected to hear fromma few more speakers ... including former presiient bill clinton.the delegates will also vote for the democratic party andidate
it alive! 3 time warner cable arena president obama president obama expected to speak tonight... pending &pweather.bill clinton spoke last night thursday, september 6. 3 p3 3 3 former baltimore ravvns owner art modell has been hospitalizeddthe team says the 87-year old ii at johns &phopkins hospital right now. now.megan gillilland isshere with more on his condition at this hour. good morning guys,the ravens aren't saaing anything about his condtion... but a cleveland tv staaion is reporting ttat modell's vital organs are failing. they're closely monitoring his health just as we are.if you remember modell bought the cleveland browns for 4-million dollars backkinn1961... and moved the franchise to baltimmre in 1996.while he is still hated in cleveland for in baltimore... as a hero... - the man who brought the n-f-l back to chhrm city. :34 we worked hard to get here the transisition was unbeleavvale the humiliation and all that sttff in people here are magnificent i - can'' say enough about the people in this town townmodel sold a piece of the rrvens... to steve bisciotti in 2000... followed
todayy several democrats are laying the groundwork for president obama's second term. term.megan gilliland is here with more on the role maryland's govvrnor is playing in that and what'' ahead for good morning guys,seveeal democcats thaa are considered up and coming spoke last niggt &pat the ccnvention... onn of them was governor martin o'malley. ann people are talking about it this morning... with praise. in the governor's speech he urged thh country to make the choiie to quote move forward... not back... by re- nominating president barack obama.a theme he weaved in &thr in... 22:26:15 by making college more affordable president obama is moving... by securing medicare ppesideet obama is 3 back... by putting forward a plan to cut waste ask those at the top to pay more and reduce our ddficit... forward not back. 22:26:50 22:26:50also last night... her husband's record.today... we're expected to hear from a few more speakers ... &pincluding former pressdent bill clinton.the ddlegates pill alss voteefor the for president of the unnted . - tomorrow president obama and vic
on fox45 news at ten can expect from the democratic national convention...... and who's funding the obama campaign...when ww come back p3 s he makes his way to the democratic national convention in north carolina... president obama stops by hurricane-strickkn louisiana... as well as a key battleground state craig boswell shows us what's happening the day ábeforeá the convention in charlotte charlotte a day before the democratic national convention officially kicks off... president obamm -- visits hurricane-battered says: "we are getting on the case very quickly about figuring out what exactly happened here, wwat can we do to make sure that it doesn't happen again." earlier, the president spent labor day meeting with union workers in the key swing state of ohio. obama says: "i stood wwth american workers. i stood with american manufacturing. i believeddin you. i bet on you. i'll make that bet any day of the week." first lady michelle obama is already in charlotte... this aaternoon checking out the stage at the time warner cable arena... ahead of her big speech tomorrow ni
documents, our founding vision. but i guess yoo'd have to ask the obama admistration why they purged all this language from their platform. there sure is a lot of mention of government." (woman) "i feel like the republicans will dd anything.. lie and everything else on obama!" but now.. voting to re-insert thh - reffrence back in the party platformm.. with pressure from thh reeublicans. but a senior democrat says president &pobama himself intervened to have the reference added backk in.. ending a controversy in charlotte.. caught in the baltimore.(man) "i'm a ffic n - christian, so, i don't like it..."(wommn) "i think that people need to kind of relax a little bbt...."(man) "i don'tt think you should, you know.. religion is an important part of everyone's life..." tonight.. the republicans are reminding observers.. that their party platform mentions god 12 times. live in downtown baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. 3 we asked... earlier... when.. god... was asked... to... take... a hike... from the convention.../ does... it... bother you... that refer
of the country...might be a hard sell for president obama. ((bump out)) 3 gearing up for its national convention in charlotte.but in about politics it's nascar- ccuntry...as brianna keilar rrports.. when it comes tt voters, that ould be a serious problem for president obama come november. november. --reporter pkg-as follows -- charlotte, north carolina ... fame, this is the epicenter engine-revving spoot. (nats) while nascar consists of a whole lot of left turns the typical nascar voter steers to the right. winston kelley s the head of the hall of ffme and a nascar radio commentator. (reporter: this might not group for him.)well, nascar has traditionally, as you have said, been little bit more republican but north carolina is very much a swinggstate. (reporter: so who is your driver?)probably dale jjnior. stephen elliott just happens during convention week.i am kind of little disappointed. he came in with the bigg fanfare and a lot of hope and promises. i don'ttthink he fulfilledda lot of thoseehopes and dreams that e was talking people down. but the obama voters like elliott. they've long
... the... democratic... national convention..../// first... lady... michelle obama... will... áalsoá... speak... tonight.../we'll... take you ... baak theee ... live... / later... in the newscast hello,... i'm... jeff barnd.../jenniier... gilbert's... on... assignment...// thh... student... accused ...of.. opening fire... inside ...the cafeteria... of... perry hall ..... high school.../...was... indicted today todaypolice... ssy.../ robert gladden...//. brought n... the... first day... offschool../.and... fired... 2 shots..../ critically... injuring.. classmate - daniel... bo--rory.../ stopped... by... - a... guidance coun/ counselor.../a... grand jury ...indicted gladden ... on... 9 counts... of... attempted muuder...// murder...//9... counns ...of... first degree assault.../ assault.../9... counts... of reckless endangerm/ endangerment.../...and... gladden's,... charged... as an adult it's.... a... meeting .../ that... some... perry hall ... high
president barack obama with nearly a 4 nominee mitt romney...but the whole election rides on just a few swing states... states......and they're mostll tossups.florida, ohio and virginia all show an advantage for obama right now......but by no more than 2 points. romney is up by 2 in colorado long lines... state university../, wherr... first lady... michelle obama... spoke... at a fundraiser. fundraiser.hundreds... of people ...filed ontoothe campus ...this afteenoon.../. the... obama campaign... has been leaning on... the first lady... in the final weeks of the campaign.../ too.. testify... to the president's character... and vision... iq: you get to learn a lot about peopleoq: that says a lot about them too toobutther presence... brought protesters....///people sspporting traditional marriage in may.../ president obama... said... same-sex couples.. shoold be able to get married. pq: as the bible statesoq: same sex marriage marriagesame-sex marriage will be on the ballot in 3 maryland in november. after months of pressure, mitt romney released his 2011 tax returns this afternoon.... af
. 3 on the opening night of the democratic national convention... first lady michelle obama addresses delegates during prime time.. while the president makes one final stop in virginia before headinn to the convennion. in her speech... mrs. obama is middle class voters... drawing a contrast between her husbbnd and republican nominee mitt romney.san antonio mayorr juuian castro will deliver tonight's keynote address.the 37-year-old demmcrat is the áfirstá latino to give a keynote speech at the d-n-c. "we are very supportive of him. he is a (phonetic) is the son of our land and so we are very supportive. in fact we have t-shirts that say hawaii is obama country." &pcountry." democrats will re-nooinate mister obama wednesday. a new documentary about president obama's term in the oval office is being uuveiled this week as well.it's called and ittwsa produced by a team of washington d-c based filmmakers.. the documentary focuses on 40 mmderate democrats and independents who all voted for obama four years ago, but many say they're now frustrated with a lacc of results. one of theer comm
the reason why some people in one state...ámayá kick president obama off the nooember ballot...after the break --adblib weather tz-- kknsas officials are considering a challenge to president obama's candidacy this november.......because of questions over where he was born.áthe state "objections board" is considering the issue.3 of the states top republicans sit on that board the president released his long-form birth certificate in april of 20-11.obama's mother and grandparents were born in kansas (take sot)montgomery says: "mr. obama's counsel points to invisible public records that demonstrate that mr. obama was allegedly born in hawaii, but theee is no certified legal documentation provided by his pounsel, the federal rules of evidence consider that documentation to be self authenticating but only when submitted to legal party for iispection by all parties for a" authenticity." the oard members say they put off a decision until monday to give the obama campaign time to provide documents. aah... is... spewing from ...the... so- called... "fire volcan
the lawsuit "silly and unfortunate". 3 the conventions are oficially over.now... president obama and nd mitt romney are gearing up for the final campaign push. as ed payne eeplains... both are sure to talk about the results of the government's monthly jobs 3eport... which comes ut at - president obama took the stage at the democratic national conventton in charlotte to accept his party's nominaaion. i'm asking you to rally aroond a set of goals for your country - goals in manufacturinn, energy, education, national security, and the deficit;;real, achievable plans that will lead to new jobs, more opportunity, and rebuiid this economy on a stronger foundation. that's what we can do innthe next our years. mitt romney's campaign reacted to the speech, ssying quote: "he offered more promises, butt he hasn't kept the promises he made four years ago. americaas will hold president obama accountable for hhs record - they know they're not better off and that it's time to change direction." the newly renominated president obama and vice president biden -- along with their wives --- return to the cam
the obama campaign attempts to get ore mileage from that hidden camera video of mitt rommey... while romney attacks the presidentton his stance on iran's nuclear program. andrew spencer shows us how the presidential campaign is heating up. up. nats - thhre are 47 percent of the people who wiil ote for the president o matter what. jones" published a secretly er - to donors. now theeobama campaign is trying to capitalize oo it with a new ad -- which will air in areas romney plans to visit in a bus tour in ohio this week. ad narrator: mitt omney attacked 47 percent of americans who pay no income tax, including veterans, elderly, the disabled. romney: my job is not to worry about those people. ad narrator: doesn't about everyone? meanwwhle, he romney campaign quickly pounced on comments by president obama in an interview thattaired on c-b-s sunday. "60 minutes" asked obama if he feet pressure from israel's prime minister to change his policy and draw a line in the sand onniran's nuclear program. when it comes to our national security decisions, any ressure at i feel is simply to do what's
" a bizarre prrtest in texas.... why some are offended by a chair hanginn from a tree. and the obama campaign the backlash over changes made to this american flag. 3 --adblib weather tz-- house preparing or another roond of anti-american protests.. as marianne rafferty reports, the u-s government has closed somm diplomatic outposts overseas and started an advertising campaign against the film ttat sparked the unrest. 3 outrage continues in a number of muslimmcountries after an anti-islam video was released on the internet... now - the u-s government has released a video of it's own... obama nats: "since our founding, the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others." the 30 second ad has networks, potentially reaching an audience of 90 million people. also appearing state hillary clinton.clinton nats: "... the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video.... officials hope the p-s-a denouncing the anti muslim movie will quell some of the tension... especially as thousand
in pennsylvania and wisconsin... and president obama continued his "road to charlotte" tour... which takes him through colorado and louisiana before the final top in north carolina. 3 with d-n-c ppeparatioos in full swing, his week, it's all about the democrats. downtown charlotte, north the convention. meanwhile, advisers to both president obama and mitt romney battled it out on the sunday talk shows. when he took office shortly after his inauguration, he said in an interview that if he didn't around in three years his presidency would be a one-term proposition, and the economy has not turned around. n tampa, we aw nothing but tired old ideas. in charlotte, the president is going toofocus on a plan to provide the middle-class in this country some necessary and needed security y investing in research and innovation, and sttengthening the middle-ccass. president pbama-- winding down his "road to charlotte" tour -- sunday. those ideas did not work then, they did not work now, they did not create jobs, they did not cut the deficit, they did not strengthen middle class, they are no
weather tz-- an owa couple... has the ultimate wedding crasher... president obama! back on september first, john and sayli gibbs tied the knot at iowa's living history farms... but on theesame day... president obama has a last minute rally at the same location.luckily the event ended on time.... and the couple got married.they even commander in chief.from the - jon: "everything has a congratulations on the you a great life together. barack obama." obama."in addition to the note...the presidetn gave the couple a mint julip ggass.. which the groom drank out of... that same night. 3&--- react to story ---we are enjoying some beautiful weather... nothing but clear and sunny &pskies.chief meteorologist vytas reid. 3 3 we're ... saying... thank you... to... the fans... that make our facebook page... a success. success.today's ... facebook... fan of the day is... paul jubb....//you... could be.. .a... fox 45... fan of the day..../ day..../all ... you... have to do... is... go to ... facebook ddt com ...slash foxbaltimore../ button..../we... have... a... new fan of the day...
crasher... president obama! back on september first, john and sayli gibbs tied the knot at iowa's living history farms...but on the same daa... president obama has a last minute rally at the same ocati. location.luckily the vent ended on time.... and the ccuple got married.they even commander ii chief.from the - jon: "everything has a wedding. michelle and i wish you a great liie together. barack obama." obama."in addition to the couple a mint julip glass..he - which the groom drank out of... that same night. parents of yyung children are honest if nothing else..... a recent poll shows 20 percent of parents admit to not reading the instructions when installing their child's car seat. seat. not surprisingly... manyyof them are getting it wrong, and putting their kids at risk. joel d. smith is live at the fullerton fire station this morning to show us the 3 things you can check today to see if you got it right. 3 3 ood morning guys. 3 people waiting for the new i-phone 5... will have to wait longer than expected to get their hands on the gadget. apple says pre-orders won't ship
president obama. 3 3 Ñ aadisturbing case of military hazing involving a michigan soldier... caught on video. this all happened on april fourth in ft. bragg in north carolina. an arry sgt. was accepting his promotion. in a letter from the department of the army, they admit that the unauthorized initiation process, which you are about to see, landed him in the hospital and could have taken his life. tonight jared werksma spoke with the soldier's father who'' áfurious about what happened to his son... (ááápkgááá)(ááávideo natsááá) the video of army sgt. philip roach's "right of passage" as the u-s army calls it.. is hard to watch..(áááplay videoááá)but what happens next might be worse.(6:45áááwhat happened immediately after he hit the ground? he started seizing. i was told that nobody came to his rescue there and she nelt down next to him to comfort him ...and nobody really responded until his commander came in.) (7:11áááthey waited until the ambulance came to take him to the hospital. he was seizingg thattwhole time? yes sir.)his father...ken roach...is an 8 year
from the region and discuss with the obama administration will do next with the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice. then, big questions on capitol hill. who is behind the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya? and should we cut off foreign aid to governments that fail to protect our diplomats? we'll have the head of the house in it tell against committee, chairman mike rogers. plus, tough talk from both candidates on the middle east. we'll ask our sunday panel if foreign policy will finally become an issue in this campaign. and our power players of the week. using their washington clout to fight a devastating disease. all right now on "fox news sunday." >>> and hello again from fox news in washington. we'll talk with ambassador rice and chairman rogers in a moment. first here is the latest on the situation overseas. protesters have attacked u.s. targets in more than 20 nations. citing concerns over security the state department ordered all nonessential u.s. government personnel to leave sudan and tunisia and in libya there are reports of more arrests in
of remembrance. president obama and first lady michelle obama bowing their heads in prayer...joining all americans mourning those who perished.. many of those mourners...relatives of the victims. just as ii years past they read their loved ones names aloud, for everyone to hear.(nats)i wish you could see how big dylan proud you would be of them. - (nats) my uncle....we miss you. at the pentagon...the commander in chief recalling the events of the day.obama says: "there &pwere rides to school and commutes to work, early flights, and familiar routines, quick hugs, and quiet moments. ittwas a day &plike this one - a clear blue sky but a sky that would soon be filled with clouds of smoke and prayers offa nation shaken to its core." and in pennsylvania, vice president joe biden ..... from shanksville to afghanistan... the worst terror attack in u-s history - on the minds of all. general john allen taking the time too reaffirm the u-s' committent to the war on terror.allen that day, there should be no - doubt that our dedication tot his commitment ....remains strong a
... and president obama's response to his opponent's remarks. and... what you can do today to get a áfreeá ivy league education. 3 3 tuesday, september 18th 3 3 3 3 3 3 first on fox... police need evvdence to solve crimes... so what if they had video of a murder as it happens? happens?? fox 45 was e- mailed surveilance video of a murder...that shows the confrontttion and shotss fired... but still police say they need more. more. joel d. smith is live at police headquarters statistics on how many murders remain unsolved in the city. good morning joel d. ggod morning guys.... thee invetigators in here have now peen the video we're about to show you, it's just ooe of the nearly 70 percent of murders that remain unsolved this year in baltimore city. the video was emailed to crime and justice reporter joy lepola. lepola.this is south baltimore a little before 11 21st. it's a wide shot... but if you look closely yoo can see a man crossing the street... walking towards 19 year old lovell spencer in the upper ight corner of the screen. within seconds if you look closely you can see a th
, and a big signntwenty dollars." the barack obama punching bag../ . the toy stirring up controversy.. and the reason some find it offensive. a man's dying wish is the talk to buried in a budweiser aked - casket. 3 --adlib weather tz-- with... --adlib wwather tz-- 3 3asket. a budweiser casket. - 3 the... conventions.... over...// it's... time... to move forward..../ as... jennifer davis... reports, ../ ..../ president... obama... and... mitt romney.... are... miles apart... on... the major issues...'/, but... very 3lose... on the campaign map...3 president barack obama and mitt romney are done baskinn in the adoration of convention crowds. so noo that the celebrations are over...what comes next?sabato says: "it is going to be a whirlwind for the final two months of the campaign ann every day there will be thousands and thousands of advertisements aired throughout america, you will have every kind of political activity known to man." romney's camp kicked off a multi-million dollar ad buy friday - million romney'
claims... about health care... from president obama.we'll find out if thhy're fact or fictton... in break 3&recent polls show president barack obama apparently building a lead over republican nominee mitt romney.this is an average of recent polls.the averrge shows the president up by about points.every poll in the average shows obama ahead.two polls show a lead of ust 1 point the polls appear to have some republicans worried......but a look at the pools uring previous ellctionn shows a lot one month...takk 19-80, for example... jimmy carter advantage in gallup polls over final presidential debate e - a reagan llndslide. trippi says: "the race isn't over. look, this thing can november 6th.. momentum goes one way and it starts to wash back to the other and if i'mm that omentummand he still hhs time to do it." ...and we haae a story showing swung...from before the first debate...to after the last debate......in the past 12 presidential elections.read it com.click on vote 2012 in the - hot topics sectton at the top of the screen healthcare is a hot opic thhs eleccion season.tonight, we
michelle obama is visiting the campusstoday... for a fundraising event.it is ánotá open to the public. actor clint eastwood's speech with an empty chair at the republican national convention insppred a texas homeowner to make a political statement that's caussng a lot of controversy.the man hunggan empty folding chair with an american flag from a tree in his front yard... meant to symbolize president obama.some neighbors complained it was racist.lydia pantazes tracked down the homeowner. homeowner. --reporter pkg-as follows -- (nats)as we walked up to bud johnson's home in north austin he was outside taking down the controversial display that many are calling racist."i would advise you to get the áááá away from here. that is not a request, that's on order."that was the start of our interactton with bud.wee made sure to stay on the street, off his property...but we wanted to know why he had put up the display in the first place.reporter: ("why do you have this chair up?")"have you ever heard of the clint eastwood thing- the empty chair?"he admitted it was a symbol of president oba
....today, republicaa pice- presidential candiddte obama to the refs who called 16-25"it is tiie to get the real refs..and you know what? it reminds me of president can't ggt ittright itts time to get ut.." unionnref's have been ocked out since june....when their pontract expired. jeff abeel, fox 44 news at five. here'ss.. our quession of the day.are ...the... fl replacement refs... season? . pro football go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you phink.../. sound... off... ttru... facebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimoree../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ enter... fox45a for yes.. / fox45b for no. annaane arundel countyywoman arrested on heft ccarres. charges.new tonight onnfox 45 news at 5:30... the big surprise police found inside her hotel room. a schhol prinnipal uuder scrutiny after hisspunishment of two female students..hat the punishment was and what the school boarddis doing 3&president ooama and mitt rommey are crossing paths in the run up to tteir fiist debate... coming up. 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3 anncr
... prodded in a tense phone call by president obama... appeared on t-v to appeal for calm. in yemen, for what u-s officiils called "precautionary" reasons, a "fast team" of marines arrived in the capital saaa'a. and in lebanon, site of a rare papal visit, only forty miles separated the motorcade of pppe benedict tte sixteennh, in beiruit... from these scenes in tripoli, to the north, where thugs ransacked and set fire to western fast-food chains. in all, some three-dozen locales, stretching from western europe to south asia, witnessed islamic unrest directed at the west. walsh says: "ts is a political, not a religious problem. we have had countries that have had civil wars and yet don't have a consolidated government to ensure peace and security on their own territory. back in the washington, a closed-door briefing by c-i-a director davii petraeus left members of the house intelligence committee reassured on one count... king says: "i am confident that the u.s. government will do whatever it has to do to protect its embassies." and secretary of state clinton, reme
the first lady comes to baltimore. the reason for michelle obama's visit on fox45 news at five..3 3 &p3 3 3 3 3 3 police continue to search for the man involved in a deadly hit and run in west baltimore. baltimore.although the crash was caught on camera... he investigation is still atta &pstandstill.megan gilliland is here to explain why police need your help now. good morning guys,500 feet from the accident... a blue light camera caught the hit and run on tape... but police say the video is too bluuryyto use as evidence. evidence.it happened early sunday morninggveronica gray and her fiance wallace mazon were crossing the crosswalk at and winchester when a four ue door silver sedan crashed into thhm and then drove off.police say the couple was thrown approximately 70 feet in the air. (36:29)i had to run to the in the street that was the most devastating thing in my life.(31:28)she had a broken pelvic.....2 broken legs and injjries to the face to the liver.(31:47)her brain shifted from thh accident. accident.56-year old gray passed away yesterday from her . injuries. 3 3 3 3 3&a
poll indicates president obama has a slight edge over romney... with their numbers virtually unchanged since before the party conventions. the nbc news/ wall street journal survey finds obama at 50-pprcent and romnee at 45- percent among llkely voters. obama's 5-point dvantage is pithin the survee's sampling error... meaning the race can be seen as a tie. hundreds of thousands of chicago students will return to class today... following an almost 2-week teacher strike. on tuesday... the teachers pnion approved a tentative deal... that many say issfair. fair. under the deaa... teachers will get a 3--ercent raise in the first year... and &p2-percent for two years after longer schoolldays... and the ability for principals to have a say over who gets hired at their schools. the contracttagreement still needs approval by more than 29- thousand unioo eachers and support staff.that's eepected to come some time in the next few weeks. the orioles defeated the seattle mariners ... innone of ppayed...st games they ever pla- after á18 inningsá and almost á6 hoursá of play... the o
... nominate ... pressdent barack obama.../ as... theii... party candidate.../tomorrow... presiddnt obama... and... vice president expected to accept... the nominations. po.../ how... ádidá... governor o'malley... do... with... his convention speechh. towson... university professor... of rhetoric... richard vatz.... 22:27:18-22:27:34"i think in thh speech he went over the top. he used language like how many hungry kids can we afford not to feed, that rommey loves millionaires, &pthat he hates regular citizens. i think that this is not the position thaa a man who looks for a futurrein thee democratic party wants to take." take."22::8:01-22:28:18the quesion is, 'was it a misttke which is going to hurt hhs future? generally speaking, unless you really embarrass yourself, i don't think he really embarrassed himsellf i &pthink the important thing is having a position, giving a -3 speech at the democratic national convention." convention."to... hear... governor o'malley's ...entire speech.../ about... the election.../ p go... to... fox-baltimore dot com.../ click...
on what officer was. 3 motorcycle officer bruce saint lauuent was riding ahead of president obama's motorcade in west palm beach, florida on sunday when a ford f-150 hit him. he was reportedly getting ready to close an access ramp to theehighway when he was hit. officer st. laurent was a 20 year veteran of the jupiter police department. 18 years as a motor officer. family, comforted each other outside saint marr's trauma center, where the officer was taken after the accident, which is still being investiiated. the investigation is being conducteddby the palm beach county shhriff's department, with the assistance of the highway patrol. the ppesident was in west palm beach forra rally with supporters after other stops in florida. white house spokesman, jay carnny, says r. obama didn't witness the crash, but was notified of pfficee saint laurent's deathh after landing in the d-c area sunday night. carney says the president's thoughts and prayers are with the officer's family. it's unclear if there will beeany charggs against the pickup truck driver. st. his wife and four children. b
..../ what... they want first lady michelle obama ii ammng the highlights of the opening night of the democratic nation conventton. pool crasher.what crews needed to use to get this deer out of one man's pool. --adblib weather tz-- the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at choosebp.com first ady michhele obama -- preparing for her big speech... as the three-day- democratic nattonal convention officially kicks off. off. you are looking live at the time warner cable arena in charlotte, north carolina. delegates aree stteaming in for the evening's activities. expected to speak tonight... governor martin o'malley. the keynote speaker... first lady michelle obama. craig boswell ii in charlotte ttnightt. with the la
president obama president obama visits areas last week's storm left behind plenty of damage... and a big clean-up job.for some... they'll have to rebuilddfor the second time in 7 years... when hurricane katrina hit. homeland security secretary janettnapolitano visited the area on sunday... we will stay until this recovery is complete. we are here to be part of a team, part of the team here in louisiana and make ure that hurricane isaac is put to rest, as soon as we can to all of those affecttd.we know thaa this is a big, big, tough it together.e'll work through - together.mitt romney visittd the area on friday.today.... thousands of people are still without power. good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.. jeff barnd is off tonight.a man is dead tonight after a llte morning shooting. paul gessler just got back from the east baltimore neighborhood.paul-- jennifer, i just got off the phone with baltimore citt police, who tell me the victim died at the hospital this afternoon.neighbors say the victim was a teenaged boy. but, poliie say he is in his early 20s.the shooting happened
debateepresident obama andd mitt romney are racking uppthe miles across ohio. 3 &p --adblibbweather tz-- krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. a... new report ...on... air safety... finds... ssme alarming n. numbers.the... nee york times... reportt../ shows piiots... facee collisions... more on the ground... // than... the airr..//.in... fact... each day... /// a.... vehicce... winds up... on... an... active runnay... by áaccidentá... 3 timms.../. more... than... 1000---imee... year. boyd sayss the one thousand pumber
... president obama and mmtt romney both went to ohio yesterday... hoping to gain some ground in a critical swing state. state. --reporter pkg-as follows -- ohho has about 11 and a hhlf million people, 11 electoral votes, and --two candidates hoping to win over the buckeye state."we will win ohio, let's take back america!""unless you live under a rock, or your cable went out, you know &pthere's annelection going on in ttrned loccl---with five stops - betweennthe candidates. mitt romney was near columbus, green, and kent--focusing on mi opponent said let detroit go bankrupt (boos) don't boo, vote, he was betting against an indussry ttat supports one out of eeght ohio jobs." "the difference betwwen me and president obama is iiknow what it takessto get the conomy the economy mattees to them. romney argues his business experience makee hii the best choice--but latest polls suggest voters think mr. obama would do a etter job. a cnn averrge of four recent found 51 percent of likkly - voters support president obama romney. "my friend mike rowe." one of romney's events wednesday was at a bu
&wedding crasher in chief? chief?the event that turned president obama into a wedding crasher... and what he did to watchiig fox 45 good day 3 3 3 3 3 fiber maop maryland health officials have closed a cosmettc surgery center... after 3 patients who had liposuction there... developed severe infections. and authorities now say... one of those patients has died. tom rodgers is here with more on that story... as well as toddy's other top stories.good morning, tom. good morning, patrice and megan.the place we're talking about is the monarch med pa pn deerco road.fox45 spooe with a woman at her randaalstown home... who says she went ttere for a liposuction procedure monday... the same day the deceased woman had áherá procedure. the woman ddclined an on-ccmera interview... buttsays she's noo battling an infection... after her procedure at monarch. monarch. the maryland depament of heaath and mental ygiene gave that order to close the center wednesday... as maryland and baltimore county health officials nvestigate the source of the infections.it innolves the same bacteria that ca
... with president obama... in colombia.../.of... the... 13 agentssimplicated in the scandal.../ 9 ... resigned.... or... are being fired...// the... other four... were cleared.. and returned to duty. 3 early voting for the presiddntial election... has already begun.ballots are now in the mail... and could arrive any day this week.at least a third of all oters are expected to lock in their choice early this year.the elections will take place on november 6th. for the rest of days the romney campaign is beatinn a path through colorado and ohio - the presiient is also in the buckeye state later this week after meeeings at the united nations. nations.the white house says president obama's trip to the uuited nations general assembly is a hance to address muslim unrest.he's &ptaking some heat for no scheduled bilateral meetings "today" and instead tappng an interview with the ladies of the view.mister obama and his republican rival mitt romney traded foreign policy jabs got in a shot on the economy.o "ann, you know, the problem-- that governor romneyyhas is one note-- tax cuts for the wea" wealthy.
with fire... calling attention to president obama's own words. & 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3 3 mitt romney is fighting fallout from a leaked video ...... and now president obama is facing an old recording of his own. 3 obama: i actually believe in redistribbtion. uh, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. 3 that's president bama speaking at chcago's loyola university in 1998.... voicing his support for redistribution of wealth.the recording surfaced this week.... just after romney came under fire for his own comments at a funnraiser in may.... where he said obama pupporters are reliant on government handouts.at a campaign event last night, romney steered attention to the president's remarks. romney says: "the president is saying he likes &predistribution. i disagree. think a society bbsed pon a government-centered nation, where government plays a larger and larger role, redistributes money, that's the wrong course for america." america." meanwhile, a new ap poll show the race at a virtual tie , 47 - percent of likely voters support mitt romney. an...
... the white house...///. president... &pobama... and... mitt romney... are... in... florida... chasing cash.../ and... undecided vote. 29... electoral votes... are... cruccal... for... president obama... and... mitt romney....// the... state's ...hispanic population... is... also key...///. one... day... after romney ...criticized the president... for... not... introducing... an... immigration... reform bill.../, mr... obama ...fired back. obama says: "he would veto the dream act and said he's uncertain what his plan would be and said az is the law and the solution is self deport" deportation" in florida,... the... latest ...fox news romney ...trailing president obama a... among... hispanics.../ 58... to 37....// thh... president's lead... among... the voters... is... bigger nationwide. we have more stories about the race for the white house on boy scout troop is in g why a - trouble...for greeting mitt romney at an irport.read that by going to fox-baltimore dot com...click oo vote 2012 in the hot
."the violence coming after the release of a new film entitled "innocence of muslims"president obama dispatched an elite group of marines into tripoli and ordered increased security at all u-s missions around the world. the ... ttacks... on... american embassies... are... met with outrage... from... a... baltimore native.../ who... has libya... close to his heart..../paul .... gessler... joons us ive... to... explain why... matthew van dyye ... cares so deeply. paul-- van ddke is a filmmaker in the middle east.he made several friends in libya.the u-m-b-c grad returned there last year tt help them in their revolution. he was captured by moammar gaddafi's forces and spent nearly six months in libyan prison.as you ighh imaaine, he has kept close eye on the middle east-- especially libya-- this week.van dyke says he has seen this controversial movie denigrating the prrphee mohammed.he calls it 'trivial' and 'amatuerish', but is not surprised it has angered so many.vvn dyke ays the libyan people as a whole love the u-s. matthew van dyke, libyan freedom fighter: 1
obama and secretary of state clinton spoke to the families of the victims. aad the president had strong words... condemning... the attack... ...//. fox... reporter... áleland vittertá... is in... cairo .../ with ... the latest... on the ongoing violence against the u-s overseas. violence raging in the middle east ... as president obama vows to find those responsible for killing the u-s ambassador to libya and three others.obama says: "we are going to bring those who killed our fellow americans to justice. i want people around the world to hear me, to all act of terror will go harm, no unpunished." embassies in egypt... and yemen ... stormed by protesters ... burning flags ... and speaking out against america there are reports of arrests in libya in connection with tuesday's attack ... but they have not yet been confirmmd by the u-s.little says: "i don't have any specific information onn reports coming out of libya that there have been arrests. what i would say to that poinn is the libyans have expressed their serious concern over what happe
burnnng the american flag and burning images of president obama. leventhal says: "and in ramallah, organizers say their goal iss for the entire wwrld to condemn the offensive film. in jerusalem, rick leventhal, fox newss" 3 p deadly accident kills two people and injures nearly a dozen others in tennessee. police say a ccevy blazer crashed nto a van carrying church members sunday morning.. they were on their way back o tennessee from a weekend retreat. victims range in age from from 13 to 22-years-old. ------nats of people chanting--- chanting-----it's the one year anniversary of occupy wall 3 street...and protests and demonssrations are planned in 30 cities across the world. a few hundred people gathered in new york's financial district this morning, where it all began oneeyear ago today. earlier,,protesters tried to get on wall street to form a human . officials say they arrested more than 100 protesters aroonn the city today...mootly for disorderly conduct. no protest in baltimore today... but one is planned for next month. big changes on the way with our weather. wwather.
week... after he &pinterviewed an áinvisibleá president obama.now... the petition is calling for quote - "real hollywood icon to right."but white...who endorsed obamm in may... likely won't be available to appear because of scheduling conflicts. coming up... tte democratic national convention kicks off today... in charlotte.the one question... the party will work to answer. "my dogs wereebarking like to knock it off. and an unusual sight... for one homeowner... after a deer gets stuck in his pwimming pool.how many thousands of dollars it cost to get it out... and why it was so exppnsive.you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 3)) what do we do when something that's hard to paint, really wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you say we go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of
... price of pork next year. a bad day for political travel and president obama. obama.horrible weather over with the president andd reporrers onboard tt abort a llnding.the jumbo jet ripped through clouds and circled the airport for a second attempt at landing.reeprters on board said air--force began experiencing turbulence when - runway.after a fewwmore bumps, its second attempt.d saaely on - 3 a bad day for anyone who isn't a fan of maryland winters. blue rab whooold bay seasoning and and maryland's department of naturaa resources say can forecast the weather....by whichhway he juups into the harbor.on oneeside: a warm fall..on the other: an early winter.enough with the predictedd.here's what he announcer: "and, he's off. gonn!"girl: 4.53 "more snow pays, i guess.. reporter: "are you happy with that?" girl: "ki" "kinda!"jayla foot: .57 "i don't necessarily wann him, becauss i wanna go sledding, but i predict he's gonna do that because the ice caps are m" melting."bill'ssofficial bio with local televisioo publicly acknowledge his role in helping thhm preddct the weather." let's go
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